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5.0 Self-Learning

5.0 Self-Learning

Free Online Courses

For a more structured experience, you may want to explore free online courses that let you learn at your own pace at a slightly deeper level than self-learning. You may not get all of the advanced material you need to land your dream job, but it’s a step toward gaining basic knowledge and essential digital skills. 

If you sign up for Accessible Employment Services, you will gain access to the following online course platforms:  

Other ways to tap into self-learning:

  • Watching a tutorial on YouTube on a skill you want to learn.
  • Reading a book on a topic you are interested in or want to gain knowledge about.
  • Practicing a skill that you are trying to strengthen.

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Accessible Employment Services is able to help you navigate your job search. By signing up for our program, you can participate in comprehensive workshops about resume and cover letter writing, job interviews, digital job search skills and the attitudinal aspects of job hunting that will make a positive impact on your journey.

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