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4.0 Managing Your Online Presence

4.0 Managing Your Online Presence

In today’s labour market, an online presence can lead to opportunities that simply did not exist before social media and the internet. That is why managing your online presence in a way that complements your career goals can be highly advantageous. 

On the other hand, it is important to be cautious about the content that you post online, as many social media accounts can be publicly found, revealing posts you may have shared even a decade ago. Sometimes, social media posts from our past can impact us negatively and portray us in a way that comes across as unprofessional to potential employers.

Tips to manage your online presence

These days, many people report landing opportunities directly as a result of their online presence, so putting some effort into the digital world can enhance your job search and help you get discovered unexpectedly.

Put your social media accounts to private – this way, only your close friends and family will be able to view content that relates to your personal life. 

Do a social media cleanup – go through your posts from the past to determine whether there are items that are no longer relevant or necessary – you may decide to delete posts to clean up your online presence.

Interact and engage – find people with similar interests and goals and engage with them. Read/watch posts they create, ask questions and tell them who you are and what your focus is.

Share posts that excite you – from articles to videos to new developments in your industry, sharing posts online can help generate insightful discussions within your digital network and help put you on the radar. 

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