Unlock Inclusive Hiring Solutions with Accessible Employment Services

At Accessible Employment Services, we specialize in connecting quality employers with highly qualified and motivated candidates, all while ensuring your workplace is accessible and accommodating for individuals living with disabilities. With a legacy dating back to 1982, our experienced team has been facilitating successful matches between employers and candidates throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and beyond. Best of all, our services come at no cost to you, making the hiring process easier and more efficient.

Why Partner with Us for Your Hiring Needs?

When you choose to collaborate with Accessible Employment Services, you gain a dedicated employment specialist who works closely with you to comprehensively understand your business, culture, and specific hiring requirements. We engage in a thorough discussion of your workplace environment and the essential skills necessary for available positions. Armed with this knowledge, our specialists meticulously pre-screen candidates, saving you valuable time and resources in the recruitment process.

We then present you with our top recommendations, ensuring you have access to a pool of exceptional candidates ready to contribute positively to your organization.

Elevate Your Workforce Diversity with our Inclusive Employer Courses found on Cortree.com

Find everything you need to know about fostering inclusive workplaces, with our courses for Canadian employers available on Cortree.com. Benefit from decades of experience, equipping you with resources for hiring and supporting diverse employees.

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