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Accessible Employment Services equips you with tools, training, and a robust network to confidently connect with employers. Our seasoned professionals work alongside you to uncover your strengths, interests, and career aspirations. We provide the skill development necessary for success in your chosen field and offer guidance on effectively communicating with employers regarding your disability.

With a strong legacy rooted in decades of experience supporting individuals living with spinal cord injuries, we’ve evolved into leaders, serving and empowering individuals with a wide spectrum of disabilities. From physical to mental, short-term to long-term, we’re here to support your journey, whether you’re reentering the workforce after an injury or embarking on your career path for the first time.

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Anu Banerjee

Employment Counsellor

A certified Career Development Practitioner, Anu has over 12 years of experience working with people with disabilities at SCIO. She started as a recruiter moving on to working with newcomers as an Employment Specialist and transitioned into assisting people with multiple barriers including visible and invisible disabilities within nonprofit organizations.

Anu holds a master’s degree from the National Institute of Design, India and has completed courses in Human Resources and Leadership at both TMU (Ryerson) and the University of Toronto. Further, she has also acquired certificates in Organizational leadership in Diversity, Equity and inclusion including Indigenous Canada. She has in-depth experience working with diverse populations and coordinating employment programs for students, youth, newcomers, women, and minority communities. She is a motivated and committed community worker with a focus on rehabilitation and re-integration of people within the community.

As a strong advocate of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging she has assisted participants to overcome, navigate the system and expose socio-cultural barriers through discovering, relating, and committing to positive change. Anu is exceptionally passionate and empathetic about helping people to achieve their goals. Her strong understanding of the psychosocial aspect of the work comes from her own lived experience. She is widely travelled across the globe which includes Africa, Asia, Australia, and Europe. In her free time, Anu loves to paint with a special interest in portrait painting. There was a time when she was also a badminton champion!

Rosanne Barlias

Employment Specialist

Rosanne Barlias is a dedicated outreach Employment Specialist at SCIO, drawing upon more than a decade of expertise in media sales and marketing to excel in her current role. Her mission is centered on promoting inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility in the workplace, a commitment that successfully led her to transition her career path.

Despite encountering personal challenges, Rosanne’s unwavering resilience, problem-solving mindset, and positive attitude have enabled her to conquer obstacles and forge a career dedicated to public service and social justice.

Rosanne earned her Bachelor of Arts degree with double honors in Sociology and Mass Communications from York University. Following an acquired disability, she shifted her career focus and obtained a Career Employment Coach certificate from The Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning and Winnipeg Transition Centre, along with an ODEN Advanced Job Development for Agencies certificate. Furthermore, she successfully completed Career Development Theory and Career Development Practitioner Ethics with the Career Development Practitioners Certification Board of Ontario (CDP). What sets Rosanne apart is her profound personal experience with physical and mental disabilities, including intellectual and developmental challenges. This firsthand perspective equips her with a unique insight into the pivotal role these factors play in cultivating a vibrant organizational culture.

A perpetual learner, Rosanne derives joy from reading, writing, and traveling with her cherished partner, and she’s known for her skill in professional backgammon. Her unwavering passion for knowledge and her dedication to enhancing the workforce underscores her role as a remarkable advocate for change and progress.

For a friendly game of backgammon or to connect on matters of employment and inclusion, you can reach out to Rosanne.

Nichola Carter

Employment Information Co-ordinator

Nichola is a dedicated Employment Information Coordinator at SCIO, where her responsibilities encompass the day-to-day operations of the Employment Resource Centre, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment. Nichola holds a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Justice Services from Ontario Tech University and a Diploma in Community and Justice Services from Centennial College.

Nichola’s journey into social services began as a Housing Outreach Worker at the John Howard Society in Durham Region. Here, she played a vital role in supporting individuals in need, exemplifying her compassionate nature and dedication to helping others find stability. What truly sets Nichola apart is her unwavering passion for advocacy and Human Rights. She believes in empowering individuals to access opportunities and overcome obstacles, all while upholding the principles of justice and equality.

Nichola enjoys spending time with her family, shopping, and watching home renovation shows.

Carmit Kordov

Employment Counsellor

Carmit is an Employment Counsellor with SCIO, helping people with disabilities achieve their job-related goals. She is a Certified Career Development Practitioner and holds a master’s degree in counseling psychology. She has worked and volunteered with diverse communities, including roles as a crisis line responder, mental health counselor, supporter of individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities, and as a frontline worker in a major nonprofit health organization.

Carmit has lived in several countries and possesses numerous interests, including writing, art, photography, and listening to podcasts on an eclectic range of topics. She also enjoys British TV and film and boasts extensive knowledge that would impress anyone in a round of Jeopardy! 

Above all, is her overriding passion for advocating kindness and inclusivity. In her writing, she explores these themes, as well as authenticity, empathy, bereavement, and other topics she cares deeply about. Carmit strives to ensure that each person feels supported, encouraged and safe while sharing their goals in the job-seeking process.

Richard McCallum

Employment Specialist

Richard has been a member of the team at SCIO since June 2008, working in the Employment Services Department as a Job Developer and Job Coach. His main role is to establish connections with employers and educate them about the many advantages of hiring individuals with disabilities. Richard also assists businesses in finding suitable candidates, working collaboratively with his colleagues to ensure that candidates secure meaningful employment.

One of Richard’s key responsibilities is helping job seekers communicate their accommodation requirements to their employers and prepare for the experience of returning to work after an extended period of absence. This involves working closely with candidates to understand their individual needs and coaching them on effective communication strategies. By facilitating this process, candidates can fully engage in the workplace and have the necessary support to succeed. In addition to his work with job seekers, Richard also supports individuals in learning their responsibilities and addresses employment-related inquiries. He provides guidance and assistance whenever needed. 

In his personal life, he enjoys playing Scrabble, solving Suduko-Sumoko puzzles, and cycling.

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